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The City is not requiring any mandatory water conservation measures but would like ideas from the community on how you can voluntarily help conserve water.  We can all do our part to lessen the effects of limited water supplies this summer.  We can start by conserving water we use today.  Check out the fact sheets link provided by the State of Oregon on how you can save water and let us know if you have other ideas to share.

The link provides information regarding:
     - Saving Water Inside the Home
     - Saving Water Outside the Home
     - Saving Water on a Farm or Ranch
     - Saving Water within Municipal Systems


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Ashley Hicks, Southeast Roseburg, Historic Downtown, Ward 4 almost 5 years ago

Attention: If you notice a water leak or break during the weekend? Please call the Douglas County, Oregon Non-Emergency Phone Number at 541-440-4471 ~Thank you! Oh and check out this facebook page to Report Water Waste, Roseburg, Oregon Click here --->

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Water lawn after the sun goes down. If on a timer, cut the time in half and water again in the early morning. Two short waterings is more effective and has less run-off.

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