The Annual Statewide Earthquake Drill is taking place at 10:15 a.m. on October 15, 2015.  The ShakeOut is a chance to practice how to protect yourself and to become prepared.  The City and other Emergency Service Agencies encourage business and individuals to participate.

The City is seeking public comments regarding transportation facilities that lack connections such as paths, roads or areas with safety, or significant congestion. Consider areas that lack facilities available such as a traffic signal, sidewalks, bike lanes, road width, transit stops, etc. Keep in mind growing areas of the City along Garden Valley Blvd, Lookingglass Street, Diamond Lake Blvd, Newton Creek Road and unincorporated areas like Winchester or Charter Oaks. We are seeking general public input from people that use our facilities on a daily basis to support data for the update to our Transportation System Plan. So, your input is valuable.

The City of Roseburg would like to solicit input from the public regarding efforts to change certain zoning regulations pertaining to redevelopment opportunities along the Pine Street Waterfront neighborhood. The objective of this project is to build or create new development code that addresses the Pine Street Waterfront’s unique characteristics and development limitations to allow it to grow into a charming commercial connection between Roseburg’s Historic Downtown, the Parks system multi-use path, Highway 138  and the South Umpqua River Waterfront. Please review the material below that was presented at the March 1st Community Meeting. We encourage you to provide comments or suggestions below to help the City incorporate a collective vision of the community members.