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Seeking citizen input and ideas regarding public programs at the new Roseburg Public Library.

    An inexpensive source of programming. Oregon Humanities website states, "the Conversation Project works like this: a local nonprofit, community group, or business applies to host a Conversation Project program on a topic relevant to their community. An Oregon Humanities facilitator comes to that community to lead the conversation, which typically lasts an hour and a half." They currently have approx. 60 topics to choose from.

    1 Vote Created is an online, subscription-based learning center with 1000s of courses on how to do everything from art to music to technology and more. Other libraries are making the courses available for their patrons and our community could benefit from doing it too!

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    So much bicycling infrastructure is already in place on Roseburg. Making short-term checkouts available will help increase knowledge of the community and improve healthy behavior habits. It could also provide bicycle training regarding basic maintenance, safety, and laws.

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    Mary Cornell over 2 years ago

    Mixture of literary fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, etc. It could be run either by a volunteer or by the group itself. Would be great if it were a monthly club!

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    Anna Bateman over 2 years ago

    We have some very smart and very interesting people in Douglas County: authors, professionals, cultural specialists, etc. It would be great to have monthly "talks" by these people. Maybe get a different local winery to sponsor each month. Wine, cheese, and an interesting lecture. Charge enough to pay for the wine and cheese, the lecturers expenses, and some profit for the library. It's good exposure for the wineries and the lecturer and would help support the library.

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    The E-Library provides a critical resource for those in our community that are home bound, need audiobooks, require the ability to adjust text size etc. The old Overdrive app system was pretty good, and provided many critical accessibility features.

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    Have a day each week that you play movies, some night can be pg ratings and other nights can be for grown ups or teens, like an indoor movie in the park but with older movies

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    patricia sherman over 2 years ago

    Interlibrary loan is critical for independent scholars in Roseburg area

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    To allow for patrons to design and print/cut at the library. Library card holders can bring their own supplies or donate to the library for more.

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