The City is seeking public comments regarding transportation facilities that lack connections such as paths, roads or areas with safety, or significant congestion. Consider areas that lack facilities available such as a traffic signal, sidewalks, bike lanes, road width, transit stops, etc. Keep in mind growing areas of the City along Garden Valley Blvd, Lookingglass Street, Diamond Lake Blvd, Newton Creek Road and unincorporated areas like Winchester or Charter Oaks. We are seeking general public input from people that use our facilities on a daily basis to support data for the update to our Transportation System Plan. So, your input is valuable.


Use established principles of access management as a guide to planning and design of approaches along corridors to ensure adequate access to property and to ensure the capacity of the roadway is maintained, at a relatively low cost.

Access Management typically includes: ** Frequency, location, spacing and design of private driveways ** Left/Right turn lanes ** Frequency and location of cross streets ** Frequency and location of traffic signals ** Use of median barriers ** Sight distances and corner clearances ** Other safety measures

As you develop the plan, manage the number of conflict points along roadways by limiting the number of driveways and in some locations restricting turning movements. When approaches are in close proximity to one another, drivers can be overwhelmed by all of the conflict points, increasing the potential for crashes. Studies indicate that 50-60% of accidents are access related. These include all left turn and right angle accidents, and most rear end accidents. A 1992 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that 58% of urban area accidents occurred at or near intersections.

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