The City is seeking public comments regarding transportation facilities that lack connections such as paths, roads or areas with safety, or significant congestion. Consider areas that lack facilities available such as a traffic signal, sidewalks, bike lanes, road width, transit stops, etc. Keep in mind growing areas of the City along Garden Valley Blvd, Lookingglass Street, Diamond Lake Blvd, Newton Creek Road and unincorporated areas like Winchester or Charter Oaks. We are seeking general public input from people that use our facilities on a daily basis to support data for the update to our Transportation System Plan. So, your input is valuable.

Instead of incorporating pedestrian crossing with car movements install a pedestrian activated "x" crossing that stops all car traffic and allows pedestrions to cross right, left or diagonally. This would reduce incidents of cars tryibg to turn in front or behind oedestrians still in the cross walk or worse not seeing pedestrians at all on 4 lane roads.

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