The City is seeking public comments regarding transportation facilities that lack connections such as paths, roads or areas with safety, or significant congestion. Consider areas that lack facilities available such as a traffic signal, sidewalks, bike lanes, road width, transit stops, etc. Keep in mind growing areas of the City along Garden Valley Blvd, Lookingglass Street, Diamond Lake Blvd, Newton Creek Road and unincorporated areas like Winchester or Charter Oaks. We are seeking general public input from people that use our facilities on a daily basis to support data for the update to our Transportation System Plan. So, your input is valuable.

Denny Austin, Transportation Supervisor 12 months ago

For school bus routing we must use two buses on parallel streets in NE Roseburg due to unpaved sections. It would be nice if those portions of NW Kerr and NW Vine, between Clover and Meadow, were paved. We have a number of walking students from Jo Lane that walk north of the school on streets with open ditches, no sidewalks, and in some spots nearly no road during the rainiest part of the year. With the NW Stewart Pkwy planned improvements it appears that the plans include sidewalks from Harvey south to the river this will make it safer for pedestrians. Living directly across from Stewart Park the improved sidewalks at the bridge will probably stop some ad hoc parking that happens on the west side of Stewart Pkwy which has always appeared to be a safety concern. Students walking home from Fremont tend to be less observant of traffic as they step off the bridge on the park side of the street. Off Harvard, we have two times each day when it would be nice if traffic lights were programmed with a slight modification to allow more buses to pull through the light on any given cycle. Morning bus routes into Fremont Middle School, Fir Grove and Roseburg High and again at dismissal times in the afternoon are most frequently impacted.

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Denny Austin, Transportation Supervisor 12 months ago

Another concern is a crosswalk or pedestrian signage across Harvey Ct at the end of Keasey and sidewalk on north side of Harvey between Keasey and Stewart Pkwy.