John Lazur, Associate Planner over 3 years ago

Recognition of the surroundings needs to be part of decision-making on projects, and the scale and look of all projects need to reflect the urban environment. An example is the new Highway 138 project where signs are essentially freeway signs, yet located in a downtown urban area. They do work to direct traffic perhaps, but are probably overkill, and make the street look like it could be a freeway. Even if they work to direct traffic, other attractive wayfinding signs could be used.

On the same project, the new “railing” between the sidewalk and the grassy hillside on the east side of the Washington Ave. Bridge is actually a highway or freeway guard rail, large wooden posts, and metal guard rail. Not the type of thing one sees on an urban street. What was needed was a railing to prevent pedestrians from falling down the bank, not a guard rail to keep motor vehicles from crashing through.

If we truly want downtown to flourish, we need to realize that every time money is spent on new, enlarged, or otherwise improved projects elsewhere, this is counterproductive to making downtown successful. Spending large sums of money to keep traffic moving traffic efficiently in the newer areas of town draws locals and visitors from downtown, including south Roseburg. Those who own property and have invested in downtown and to the south need to be respected and their investments protected and further encouraged.

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