Ashley Hicks, Council Member, Ward 4, Position 2 about 3 years ago

TRANSPORTATION SAFETY CONCERNS A. The entrance into South Roseburg on Highway 99/(Oakland-Shady Hwy) has a extreamly narrow shoulder for limited bicycle and pedestrian travel. B. Inadequate street lighting coverage for vichicle and pedestrian traffic. C. Missing Signage: Entrance Welcome, Bike Travel, Crater Lake National Park D. Se Main Street, area between Marsters Ave and Booth Ave, missing sidewalks, and safety railing.
E. Missing sidewalks (Eastside of Se Main Street, Southgate Market area to Rice Ave ) F. Inadequate street lighting coverage from Southgate Market into Downtown/CBD

CONNECT ROSEBURG BIKE PATH WITH DOUGLAS COUNTY Rebuild the collapsed pedestrian (Alexander footbridge) access to our county fairgrounds and museum. Reconnecting our bicycle/pedestrian facilities with the county bike path will create a complete 'loop' around the entire city of Roseburg. The footbridge is a National Historic Landmark and could leverage funds from grants specific to historic preservation.

TRANSPORTAION STUDY RAILROAD CROSSING RAMPS The immediate need for transportation option while trains are on the move is essential to all transportation needs. My entire life this city comes to a stop (sometimes several times a day) for train crossings at Oak and Washington Bridges as well as Garden Valley and North Stephens Street. Build railroad crossing over ramps so auto/bicycle/pedestrian traffic may travel through rather than backing up and creating unsafe conditions for all citizen and visitor travel.

NORTH I5 FREEWAY ONRAMP The safety of our children should be our highest priority. A. Hypotheticaly, IF the intersection at the highschool light was timed to stop traffic and at the same time initiate a pedestrian crossing light at the North bound onramp. When the traffic intersection light turns Green, then the Pedestrian crossing light stays Red for pedestrian traffic planning to cross at the Northbound freeway on ramp. B. Study, Plan and Build a designated Right Hand Turn Lane to enter onto the Northbound I5 Freeway onramp from the intersection onto the freeway on both Northbound and Southbound Freeway access.

Thank you for asking for citizen input on our transportation areas of concern. :)

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Ted M almost 2 years ago

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