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Joe Ross over 2 years ago

1) Where can one obtain accident data for the last ten years in Roseburg? I would start by analyzing the locations and reasons for frequent accidents in certain locations. Identify potential mitigating measures to reduce accident rates at such locations. 2) I’m glad that simple signage, lighting and intersection redesigns are pursued before more expensive options. I’m not at all a fan of medians and curbs within the middle of busy roadways. 3) Certain sections of high traffic thoroughfares (e.g. Garden Valley Blvd) continue to have problems with accidents, and safe ingress and egress for businesses. 4) Analyze the specific impacts of new facilities like the Oregon BottleDrop Redemption Center at 740 NE Garden Valley Blvd. to ensure public safety for the large volume of traffic anticipated there. Comments are currently being accepted through March 4 on Oregon Beverage Recycling Coop’s application to OLCC for the redemption center there, expected to be operational by May or June. 5) I'd encourage you to make a presentation and solicit input directly from the Douglas County Traffic Safety Commission. 6) Roseburg’s Public Works Commission might also have valuable input including sidewalks, streets, lighting and storm drainage. 7) I’d encourage you to develop a Powerpoint presentation and hold a few Town Hall meetings to solicit input from the general public. 8) Reach out and coordinate directly with cycling and walking groups like Bike Walk Roseburg and Umpqua Velo Club. Whatever happened to plan to earn the City of Roseburg a “Bicycle Friendly Community” designation from the League of American Bicyclists? Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Joe Ross

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Turtle Turtle 6 months ago

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