Communications Survey

The City of Roseburg, in an effort to increase communication with its citizens, welcomes you to please complete the following survey. Your answers are confidential and will help us with creating a city-wide communications plan.

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Do you live in the Roseburg city limits?
How do you learn about City of Roseburg news?
How would you rate the City's overall communications with citizens?
  • Which of the following communications methods are most important to you? (Check one)
    If you could choose one social media site to get City of Roseburg news, it would be...
    How would you rate the City of Roseburg's communication on social media?
    Which of the following would you suggest for improvements to the City's social media (check all that apply)
    The City is exploring the option of moving our newsletter from print to digital. Would you subscribe to the newsletter if it were available digitally?
    How often would you prefer to read the City Newsletter?
    Would you like to sign up for the City Connection, the City of Roseburg's Newsletter?