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The City has initiated a Housing Needs Analysis project in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). The primary objectives of the project is to provide: 1) A housing needs projection; 2) A Buildable Lands Inventory; 3) A Residential Lands Needs Analysis; 4)Identification of measures for accommodating needed housing. Once completed, it will be presented to City Council for adoption and will help to assist the City in providing strategic direction in order to address housing issues throughout the community. These policies can include an array of different type of things, such as: seeking ways to eliminate development barriers within the zoning ordiance, finding ways to encourage all tpyes of housing development, establishing more efficient methods of infill development, and creating partnerships with other agencies working to solve housing needs within the Community.


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Please provide your concerns/comments regarding Roseburg's housing supply and any feedback related to the materials presented.  Examples can be about affordability, availability, proximity to services, access to parks, rental supply, etc.  If you would like to email the Community Development Department directly, please submit comments to Ricky Hoffman at  

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